Sunday, February 18, 2018
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“3 Myths That Steal Your Power to Heal (even if you have cancer)

– How to Overcome Stress And Thrive!


More Information on how to get on the webinar… and a FREE Gift below,

but first a short interview with Julianne Blake, PhD.



Instructions on joining the webinar:


You will receive your Webinar information and a reminder email from “Webinar Reminder”, GoToWebinar’s email service.

In this email there will be a Phone Number with an Access Code Number where you can listen, even if you don’t have computer access.

If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder. If you still can’t find it do a search with the email address above. If you still can’t find it, please re-register here:

In that email you will find a link to join the webinar. 10 minutes before the start time stated in the webinar reminder email, Click on that link from your computer, or your mobile device.

If you need more instructions about joining the webinar, you can find it here:


 Come and learn more from Julianne at the webinar. 


Ÿ    ♦  3 Myths that keep you powerless

    ♦  The secret to rebuild your energy

Ÿ    ♦  The #1 habit that keeps you stuck & frustrated

Ÿ    ♦  What’s controlling your stress level,

         and how to shift it

Ÿ    ♦  Key changes you can make right now to

         boost your immune system & create great health

Ÿ    ♦  The proven pathway to tap into your joy!


Get ready to discover the keys to

create REAL health and freedom…

Learn how to reclaim your energy,

rebuild your immune system,

and overcome stress!


Here’s your free gift!


You are about to experience Sweet Relief

from worry and stress …

  Here’s Your Gift: Click the Play button below to listen to your free guided meditation online.

 Feel free to come back and listen as often as you like!

Click here or the button below to download your Brief Guided Meditation:

Sweet Relief: Lift Above Stress 
In 8 Minutes or Less



This is an mp3 file. In order to use  Sweet Relief: Lift Above Stress – In 8 Minutes or Less you will need a few tools and instructions: To save the files to your computer

Firefox or Safari: •  PC users – Right-click the link, and select ‘Save link as’. •  Mac users – Click the link.

Internet Explorer: •  PC Users – Right-click the link, and select ‘Save target as’. •  Mac users – Click the link.

To listen to Audios you will need an audio player that can play mp3 Audio Files, like iTunes or Windows Media Player  


Make sure to mark you calendar!

I look forward to sharing this valuable information with you.


To living your highest potential,
in radiant well-being and Joy!


Julianne Blake, PhD

Julianne Blake, PhD
Mentor for Joy
Certified High Performance Coach
Empowerment for Health & Healing