Below you’ll find great tips for de-stressing and feeling more joy over the holidays.

How can we apply them right now, to build our health immediately?

How can we release stress and tension, and increase our acceptance of ourselves and enjoyment of others?

You can choose to build the energy, the body, and the life you desire.

We can Create Health and Joy!

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Stress-Free Health, Wonder And Joy For The Holidays

3 Keys to Enjoy Healthy, Stress-free Holidays with Family & Friends
(You Can Do Them In a Few Moments!)

  • Practice Gratitude – It’s the season! Do a gratitude meditation each morning or evening. You simply focus for a few moments on any things that you are grateful for from that day or the week. Remember them, feel the gratitude and let it fill you. If you don’t remember any, then dwell on the ones you wish had happened. (Yes. Really!) They can be big things or little things, like someone bringing you a cup of coffee, or enjoying the morning sunshine. In the “mind field,” tiny things are just as important to us as big things, and they produce equal amounts of endorphins in the brain, which elevate our immunity and lift our mood immensely. And, then, if you choose to, you may share these things with a friend, and that sharing will dynamically increase their beneficial effect on you, and inspire your friend.
  • A “Blessings” Journal – Write in a notebook or journal – or anywhere! – for a few minutes each morning or evening about the wonderful things that have come into your life – people, things or experiences. Acknowledge them and keep a record. It will amaze you to look back and see how much you were excited about, when you adopt that perspective. Negative things will still occur, but do not choose to give them the same extra attention. Focusing on the things you enjoy will actually shift your state of being, your “mind field,” and attract more of these blessings to you.
  • Appreciate You – Find at least one thing (more is encouraged!) each day that you really appreciate about yourself. Be honest and real with yourself. And find at least one thing you can truly say, or write, or sing (or even dance) to yourself, because you know it’s truly good about you. Now find a way to show yourself this appreciation. Write it or say it, and let yourself feel the power of it, and take that in. You honor yourself in this way, and you will now feel the benefit of knowing that you matter. When it is real to you, people will begin to respond to you differently as well. You may find you also start to notice things you appreciate in people around you. Sharing that by giving a compliment, or just in the way you feel when you are with them, brings greater warmth and connection to your relationship. This is a simple, beautiful way to enjoy those we love in the holidays, and always.

These are ways you can live your life doing what you love, and choose Joy in that.

 Have your very best holidays, full of Wonder and Joy.


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“3 Myths That Steal Your Power to Heal (even if you have cancer)
– How to Overcome Stress And Thrive!”

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So, please join me on the upcoming Webinar.

I look forward to seeing you there.


To living your highest potential, in radiant well-being and Joy!

Julianne Blake PhD


Julianne Blake, PhD

Mentor for Joy
Certified High Performance Coach
Health Empowerment Coach




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