Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Reboot Your Body: Release Chronic Pain and Feel Alive Again!


What If The Solution To Pain Was As Easy As Breathing?

Discover the alternative to pain medication that really works.

If you suffer from chronic pain or illness, you probably already know that taking pain medication doesn’t necessarily guarantee relief – at least not enough relief to let you live a normal life.
But, did you know that there IS an alternative to pain medication? 

One that really works. 

And it doesn’t even cost an arm and a leg!  (In fact, it’s FREE!)
Better still, there are no nasty side effects with it either!  

No more falling asleep in your mashed potatoes at dinner. 

No more crying with the pain from constipation either.

Doesn’t this sound FABULOUS to you?

If pain rules your life …

Almost every movement causes you pain, you are exhausted from not enough sleep and you sometimes get lost – not knowing where you are,


Ask yourself these questions…

Do you find yourself dependent on a little pill with powerful side effects listed right in the ads?

And fear that you’ll always be reliant on medication?  

And worry about their effects over time (if you don’t, maybe you should!)?


Do you brave the storm without medication, and live with constant almost-unbearable pain that makes it hard to earn a living and get through life.

Either way, not a happy picture.


You may want to hear Grace’s story:

Grace slammed the book shut, gritting her teeth. 

She was angry. 

It was a book on pain… and it had a difficult font, italics, and jarring red words. 

It was painful to read!

And it just told her more stuff to do, do, do!  

She didn’t want that.
She was exhausted and desperately needed sleep

Didn’t they know anything? 

She had fibromyalgia.  She was in pain!

She knew her pain was worse because she got almost no sleep the night before.
She just couldn’t sleep sometimes because of the pain.

And she’d wake up because her legs ached.

She was tired all the time.

Tired of being exhausted, even when she woke up.  

And fed up with trying things that didn’t really work, written by people that didn’t  understand.

What was even worse than the widespread pervasive pain was that
Grace had “fibro fog” (a term used for the confusion or dazed state that sometimes happens to people with fibromyalgia). 

She would be in the middle of cooking dinner and suddenly not know what she was doing or why.  And it happened at work too.

Grace described it as like having her brain wrapped in thick cotton gauze.  She couldn’t begin to explain the problem when it was happening.

People who knew her as an intelligent person just couldn’t imagine what was going on.  So they withdrew from her, not knowing what else to do.

So, she got no help from them – or sympathy. 

She began to feel isolated and so alone.

Frequently, she would be driving and suddenly not know where she was going at all…  She was completely at a loss.


How Did Grace Take Care Of Herself?

Intelligent and creative, Grace – when she was clear – invented ways to help herself remember.

She had to keep a note on her dashboard telling her that if she didn’t know where she was to call her secretary or her husband.

The note gave her their phone numbers.  It told her that they would tell her where she was going, and why.

That note helped her not to panic!

When she wasn’t foggy, she carefully planned.  She put notes in the car or the kitchen, telling her to listen to instructions on her cell phone.

That got her through an episode.  But …

She had to find ways to get more sleep, real replenishing restful sleep, and significantly release the tension in her life, so that her body would enter its healing process and the pain, fatigue and “fibro fog” could diminish.

Grace found a way to do this! 

As a result, she got out of her hospital bed,

gave up her wheelchair, then her walker and canes,
and has been walking without support now for several years.

She is convinced this is a direct result of:

  • Learning to let her body relax and release stress.
  • Getting in touch with what her body needed to nurture and re-energize it.
  • TAKING ACTION ON THAT to create healing!

She changed her body and her reality!

How did Grace do that?

What can YOU do to help yourself get better?

What will actually help?


  • Research shows that sleep deprivation is responsible for more severely damaging accidents than alcohol, including airplane crashes and even a huge oilspill into the ocean, because the ship’s captain had not slept enough.


  • Relaxation helps a great deal to release muscle tension that locks in pain.  

Release Stress and Tension!

  • Research shows that releasing stress and tension is important to reduce your pain and fatigue, get more sleep, and have more energy.  The scientific evidence that pain is exacerbated by stress and tension is enormous.
Fibromyalgia Treatment: What If The Solution To Pain Was As Easy As Breathing? woman imagining 

Imagine you have a magic button…


You can push that button to…

Get deep, replenishing, uninterrupted sleep.

You can push that button to…

Deeply relax, taking your body into its innate healing process.

You can go to a place where you…

Greatly release stress and tension, to feel rejuvenated, energized.

You could
really feel alive again!

Would that be a virtual miracle?

Even better …
imagine accessing it from your own home,
your comfortable armchair 
– or even from your bed.  

Better still,
imagine you can pop in for a little while every day,
to get a re
juvenating dose of this miracle medicine.  


Best of all,
you can
relieve enormous tension and
get that re
gular dose of pain-reducing relaxation and regeneration

in just 20 minutes.

You could change your life in 20 minutes a day!

Get Started Right Now,

Download ReBoot Your Body!


ReBoot Your Body - A Guided Visualization

Introductory Price Only $27


IS there a way to open tissues of the body to deep relaxation
and allow a profound release of stress and tension? 

Yes. There is!

Here are the facts:

Meditation has been used effectively for thousands of years.

Guided relaxation and visualization is now widely used in hospitals and clinics.

A Mayo Clinic report on stress management states that meditation:

  • “Is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine.” 
  • “Produces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.”
  • “Results in enhanced physical and emotional well-being” and
  • “Can even improve certain medical conditions, particularly those that may be worsened by stress.”

It concludes:  “Meditation is a simple, fast way to reduce stress.” 

THIS is what Grace did to release her tension and take her body into healing…  

As you release your pain (and fear), your innate life force
reawakens, bringing tremendous energy!  It begins to fill you, nurturing every cell of your body.  It heals and repairs you effortlessly.

You can ReBoot your body and feel alive again!


ReBoot Your Body - A Guided Visualization

Get your Download here:

Reboot Your Body: Release Chronic Pain and Feel Alive Again!
– A Guided Visualization


Introductory Price Only $27

This 20 minute audio recording is a guided visualization that will help you
eliminate pain, sleep better and take charge of your life.

Use it any time you want or need it.

In just 20 minutes, you can immediately begin to remove stress and tension and fill yourself with your own powerful life force,
and a deep confidence that you are completely safe and cherished. 


Dr Joel Ying, your Guide on

ReBoot Your Body: Release Chronic Pain and Feel Alive Again!
– A Guided Visualization

is a graduate of Harvard University and a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician, practicing Integrative Medicine in Naples, FL.

He is also certified in Medical Acupuncture for Physicians, Craniosacral Therapy, and Tai Chi Chuan, and his mission is to “Promote Integration of the Healing Arts.”

This original recording by Dr. Joel Ying will allow you to clear
out negativity and fill yourself with new empowering vital energy.


Dr. Julianne Blake, Co-creator of Reboot Your Body, is a psychotherapist specializing in working with people to heal and overcome their chronic pain, illness or disability to live their dreams with purpose and passion.


Don’t spend another minute in unnatural pain!


It’s Only $27


Let your solution to pain and “fibro fog” be as easy as breathing!


To your Radiant Well-being!

With Deep Appreciation for You,

Julianne Blake PhD
“Dr Wow” Founder of
Ambassador for Overcoming Chronic Pain on


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