Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Health Revolution Consultation Application

Please fill out the Application Below for your Health Consultation.

 Are you sick and tired of struggling?

Stressed almost to the limit?

Finally… Discover the solution to resolve your fear,

prevent stress, reclaim your full strength and energy,

and live with more joy!

If you’re ready to find REAL solutions, you’re in the right place!

Dear friend,

You dream of….

     • Having loads of energy – that lasts all day!
     • Pain-free days, with no stress
     • Peaceful sleep
     • Clarity and focus
     • Carefree moments
     • Feeling inspired, hopeful
     • Doing what you love – for as long as you want!
     • Being excited about life again! 

But right now you’re feeling weak and very alone. You are stressed. Sometimes it is so bad that you can only focus on how hard it is, on feeling miserable – or on getting worse. Maybe you have no energy, or you’re exhausted – because you don’t sleep, no matter what you try.

You worry about whether you can do your job well enough – or get it all done. You don’t want to be a burden to those close to you, but don’t know how to find the help you need.

You are not alone!

Stop being a slave to illness, fear and pain! – It is possible to create a new way to live your life fully, strengthen your body,  minimize your stress – and stop it from running your life.  

I help women, and men, facing serious and life-threatening illness find real relief from the immense stress and develop new ways to create health.  My clients experience a great reduction in pain, new vital energy and enhanced immunity, with a new sense of freedom, peace and joy in their lives.

“I’d love to help you get started with a complimentary
Health Revolution Session.”

Together, we’ll take a close look at your health challenges, what results you want, and we’ll map out a pathway to reach your goals.

I’ll make a professional recommendation as to the next steps to best support you to reduce fatigue and pain; build up your energy; magnify your immunity and your confidence as you move towards greater vitality, health and joy.

The intention for the Health Revolution Consultation is to clarify your vision of where you want to be and set you in motion with specific steps you can now take to meet your goals.

Please apply only if you’re 100% committed to freeing yourself from a critical condition or diagnosis, and you’re serious about doing what it takes to create strength, energy and vibrant health now.

Time is limited, and these 1-1 complimentary sessions get booked up fast. So, please don’t hesitate. Enter your information in the secure form below. Our team will contact you within 5 business days to schedule your session if your application is approved.


Please fill out the following questionnaire

to complete your application.



If you haven’t already,

please click the submit button above

(when you are finished filling out the application),

to send your initial request for a

Health Revolution Consultation and

we look forward to connecting with you. 

 Thank you!


I look forward to supporting you to achieve your own Vibrant Health Revolution, so you can do what you love and feel joy again! 

May you live in Joy!

Julianne Blake PhD

To living your highest potential,

in radiant well-being and Joy!

Julianne Blake PhD

Julianne Blake, PhD
Mentor for Joy
Certified High Performance Coach
Empowerment for Health & Healing